That’s right. You heard me. Liberals actually hate themselves. This is a perfect explanation for why they seem to hate everyone else (especially their own race), hate their own country, and are always angry. They don’t really hate all of these things – just themselves. But of course no one can admit that strange fact to themselves. So it’s through the hatred of everything else that this inner hatred is expressed.

Why do they hate themselves, you ask? I’m sure there’s lots of reasons. But one of the primary ones is the simple fact that they feel like they don’t fit in with the larger group (i.e. successful people). They don’t feel attractive enough, rich enough, smart enough, athletic enough, etc. They don’t feel connected to the larger group of society. They feel left out and left behind.

Liberals hate themselves for not being good enough. But the sad truth is that they are good enough. They don’t need to hate themselves, but they do anyway. The next time you see an angry liberal, remember this fact and see if it helps to explain their actions.

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