Wokeism is lots of things. But one of the things that you don’t hear much about is it’s simple laziness. You can imagine a young liberal who decides to become woke and complain endlessly about patriarchy, capitalism, racism, etc. And one of the reasons she does this is for attention.

Here’s her subconscious thought process: “on the one hand I can lose weight, get in shape, put on some decent clothes, earn a degree, start a business, etc, etc – or on the other hand i can dye my hair purple and get pissed off at the system. hmmmm…i’ll think i’ll head to cvs for some purple dye.” It’s just a lot easier – lazier – to become woke. There’s obviously no grooming standards for this group and all you have to do is criticize groups of people who have accomplished things (whites, Christians, western civilization). You don’t have to actually do anything yourself.

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