Yes liberals really are uglier than conservatives. You’ve probably noticed this yourself but didn’t make the connection between looks and political persuasion. The Guardian reported several years ago that the perceived attractiveness of a person can correlate with their political beliefs. (This is a rule of course, there are plenty of exceptions on both sides. One of the study’s co-authors, Rolfe Daus Peterson explains something that I think we’ve all sadly internalized as cold hard truth:

“Attractiveness matters,” Peterson says. “When we are treated differently, we begin to perceive the world differently. Research shows good-looking people tend to get on better in life because people interact with them differently.”

And if you think about it this explains an awful lot of liberals behavior. At a very basic level most liberals simply don’t feel accepted, they dont feel like they’re part of the system. This in turn is why they’re angry at mainstream society and why they want so much to change it (or destroy it). This is also why they’re much more likely to be gay or trans. When you can’t win with the cards you were dealt, it’s much more tempting to switch teams.

What liberals don’t seem to realize is that they’ll be ugly in any new system too. What they need to do is compensate for their lack of good looks the way people always have. They need to become rich, start a business, work extra hard, whatever. Oh wait, all of those things require hard work. And liberals are lazier than conservatives too.

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