Follow the Science, Unless You Don’t Agree With It

For people that pride themselves in their scientific aptitude, liberals sure don’t seem to understand some basic scientific truths. It’s enough to make me think that it’s not about science at all, its about political power.

Two things come to mind right away.

If you understand genetics at all, you know that each living thing has its own unique DNA. Science clearly shows that unborn fetuses are distinct human lives with their own DNA. If you end this life intentionally, you are committing murder. This is not complicated.

We’re always hearing from liberals about the scientific truth of evolution – how small changes in a species over time add up to make significant changes – whole new species even. You would think that people with this understanding would appreciate the power of small changes.

Meanwhile small changes have been accumulating in our society. Now we’re supposed to celebrate gay people, and transgender people, and people who choose not to have kids, and anyone who is weak in any way. In other words, we’re supposed to celebrate people who don’t have kids. And the list grows. And as the list grows and grows, the birth rate falls and falls. The white population in the US is decreasing. In other words, our society and culture are slowly going away. But for people that hate themselves, maybe this is exactly what they want.

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